Take control of your savings while we take care of your protection. With our i.ULife Select Insurance Plan, you’re calling the shots.  Decide how much to pay into the plan with payment flexibility, or withdraw from your funds if you need to.

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Set up a savings plan while maintaining the freedom to choose your desired lifestyle with i.ULife Select Insurance Plan. Build healthy savings with potentially attractive returns while having the option to access them whenever you like. The choice of how much to pay is all yours with full access to your funds. Now dare to do just what you want with the added bonus of life protection!

So…what does it do?

  • Total control - You have the flexibility to choose how much to pay into your plan. You can also make additional contributions or partial surrenders at a time of your choosing.

  • Interested in growth - Annual interest is automatically credited into your account each year, helping you reach your goals even faster.

  • Life protection - We protect you with a death benefit of 105% of the account value for enhanced peace of mind.

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Enjoy returns sooner with our hassle-free application: easy and fast.

Historical Crediting Interest Rates
Crediting Interest Rate Philosophy

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