Like life itself, medical protection is best when it’s as simple as it can be. vCANsurance Medical Plan (“the Plan”), providing comprehensive yet straightforward coverage, is designed with simplicity in mind. With the Plan, you will be able to advance to the next milestone on your wonderful life journey with peace of mind.

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The product information in this website is for reference only and does not contain the full terms and conditions, key product risks and full list of exclusions of the policy. For the details of benefits and key product risks, please refer to the product brochure; and for exact terms and conditions and the full list of exclusions, please refer to the policy provisions of the plan.

If you wish to make a claim, please submit your claims application within the specified time. For more details on claims such as claims procedure, claimable amount estimate and reimbursement limit, please refer to:

  1. Eligible Expenses incurred for psychiatric treatments and cash benefit for room and board Confinement below entitled ward class in a private Hospital in Macau or Hong Kong (for Superior benefit level only) shall only be payable for Confinement in Macau or Hong Kong. Please refer to Section 3(l) of Part 6 of the Terms and Benefits and Section 6 of the Supplement – Other benefits under the Policy provisions for details.
  2. Full cover / Full coverage shall mean no itemised benefit sublimit, the actual amount of Eligible Expenses and other expenses charged is subject to the aggregate limit per Disability per Policy Year. Full cover / Full coverage applies to selected benefit items only, while other benefit items are not fully covered and are subject to respective benefit item’s limits. Please refer to Benefit Schedule and Terms and Benefits for details.
  3. a. The applicable benefit limit and/or aggregate limit per Disability per Policy Year shall be counted anew for each Confinement or Day Case Procedure for the same Disability provided that the Confinement or Day Case Procedure does not occur within 90 consecutive days following the Last Date (as defined in the Supplement – Calculation and limitation of benefits under the Policy provisions) of the previous Confinement or Day Case Procedure concerning the same Disability.

    b. Where the Insured Person is Confined or receives any Day Case Procedures involving more than 1 Disability, all Disabilities involved in the same Confinement or Day Case Procedure would be subject to 1 applicable benefit limit and/or aggregate limit per Disability per Policy Year.
    For details, please refer to Section 1 of Part 1 of the Supplement – Calculation and limitation of benefits under the Policy provisions.
  4. Individual no claims premium discount

    If you haven’t made any claim for the Plan for 2 or more consecutive Policy Years immediately prior to Renewal12, the Plan will offer you a discount of up to 15% on your next Renewal12 premium regardless of your Age to encourage you to stay healthy. No claims premium discounts apply as follows: 

    No claims period immediately prior to the Policy's Renewal12

    No claims premium discount

    (Discount rate on Renewal12 premium)

    2 consecutive Policy Years


    3 consecutive Policy Years


    4 consecutive Policy Years


    5 or more consecutive Policy Years


    Extra no claims premium discount

    For the policies you hold as Policy Holder with your loved ones as Insured Persons, this Plan offers an extra no claims premium discount on Renewal12 premiums if you and your loved ones haven’t made any claim under the Plan for 2 or more consecutive Policy Years immediately prior to Renewal12. The more Insured Persons who stay healthy, the greater the discount you can enjoy.

    Number of in-force vCANsurance Medical Plan policies issued to the Policy Holder which are also eligible for the above individual no claims premium discount any Renewal12 Date

    Extra no claims premium discount under all eligible Policy

    (Discount rate on Renewal12 premium)

    2 or 3




    5 or above


  5. Eligible Expenses and/or other expenses which are reasonable and customary incurred can be reimbursed up to HKD650,000 and HKD500,000 per Disability3 per Policy Year for Superior and Standard benefit levels respectively.
  6. FWD shall guarantee the Renewal at each policy anniversary up to the Age of 100 (attained age) of the Insured Person. FWD reserves the right to revise the terms and benefits upon renewal by giving a 30 days advance notice.

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