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CANsurance Full Medical Plan4

Aside from Cancer Protection Plan, you can also choose CANsurance Full Medical Plan to enjoy all-round protection:

  • Maximum total amount paid per disability up to HK$8 million7
  • The amount will be doubled for claims related to a covered cancer
  • Guaranteed yearly renewable to age 1008
  1. The figure is calculated on daily premium, assuming the Insured is a 30-year-old man, non-smoker, joining the standard CANsurance Cancer Protection Plan.
  2. This is the Lifetime Cancer Limit for premier level of CANsurance Cancer Protection Plan.
  3. Additional Bene¬fits are only applicable to Insured whose issue age is at or below 55 (age next birthday).
  4. CANsurance Series includes both CANsurance Cancer Protection Plan and CANsurance Full Medical Plan. CANsurance Full Medical Plan is currently the designated full medical reimbursement plan of CANsurance Cancer Protection Plan and FWD can revise from time to time without prior notice.
  5. CANcierge is currently provided by HealthMutual Group Limited (“HMG”) and its healthcare network team, is not a part of the policy or benefit item under the Policy Provisions and only applicable to CANsurance Series. FWD reserves the right to terminate or vary CANcierge in its sole discretion without further notice. FWD will not be responsible for any act, negligence or failure to act on the part of HMG and its healthcare network team.
  6. Only applicable to the Insured whose issue age is 1 (15 days) to 65 (age next birthday) and subject to the relevant underwriting requirements, otherwise, normal underwriting applies.
  7. This is the Lifetime Cancer Limit for premier level of CANsurance Full Medical Plan.
  8. Lifetime guaranteed renewal is subject to the continual availability of CANsurance Series o¬ffered by FWD, terms and conditions applicable, benefits, and premium rates at the time of renewal. Renewal premiums are not guaranteed and the premiums for each renewal are determined based on the age at next birthday and the premium table applicable when the policy is renewed each year. Premium table is subject to change based on factors including but not limited to the inflation of related medical expenses, FWD’s medical claim experience and persistency of policies from time to time. FWD reserves the right to revise the benefits payable, terms and conditions and premiums any time at renewal. The policy will expire on the policy anniversary immediately following the Insured’s 99th birthday.

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