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As the Chairman of the Board of FWD Group, I am very excited about the fresh experiences that our teams have been creating in different countries and regions throughout Asia.

We have a vision to change the way people feel about insurance as a leading pan-Asian insurer. In Hong Kong and Macau, the well-developed insurance industry continues to blossom with plenty of opportunities ahead, providing an ideal environment for innovations. I am delighted to see our Hong Kong & Macau team continuously elevating customer experiences with innovative, relevant and easy-to-understand products and services.

The Hon. Ronald Arculli

Chairman, Board of FWD Group

As FWD Group CEO, I share a strong passion with my team about changing the way people feel about insurance. I work closely with our leadership team to build FWD into a strong, cohesive business across Asia achieving our unified vision to bring change to the insurance landscape.

When FWD was born, we dared to be different and set out to challenge the traditional mind set of our industry. We wanted to create a new kind of insurer with customers where they deserve to be; at the very heart of our business. We believe in making it easy for people to understand and enjoy the benefits of insurance with straightforward products that are relevant to today’s lifestyles. In Hong Kong and Macau, the FWD brand has already made great strides towards offering customers a differentiated, fresh experience of insurance, with the ethos of taking care of our customers’ worries so that they can live their life today with confidence.

Huynh Thanh Phong

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, FWD Group

FWD Hong Kong & Macau

Ken Lau

Managing Director of Greater China and Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer

Ken oversees all FWD’s businesses and distribution in Hong Kong and Macau, and leads business expansion of FWD in the Greater China Region.

Ken has more than 25 years of experience in the insurance industry in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in senior management positions. Prior to joining FWD, Ken was the Chief Executive Officer of a Chinese insurer and was charged with managing both the life and general insurance businesses.

Jeff Wong

Chief Agency Officer

Jeff Wong is responsible for driving FWD Hong Kong & Macau’s agency distribution excellence and building an elite agency distribution channel.

Prior to joining FWD, Jeff had spent over 25 years in a multi-national insurer in Hong Kong. With his and his continuously expanding team’s outstanding performance, he was promoted from life insurance agent to Regional Director for a highly productive, professional agency sales force. Jeff has been a very active and visible participant in several key organisations representing the insurance and financial services sectors.

Peter Lau

Head of Agency Sales & Head of Macau

Peter is the Head and General Representative of FWD Life Insurance Company (Macau) Limited and is responsible for overseeing the Company’s business and operations in Macau.

Peter has an extensive experience in the insurance industry, financial planning and pension. Prior to his current role, Peter held dual positions as the Head of Sales for the Company's financial planning business and Assistant Vice President for Customer Operations of life insurance business in Hong Kong. From 2008 to 2012, he served as a senior executive in the Company’s operations and sales distribution divisions, where he led a number of improvement projects to strive for service excellence.

Peter started his career in a leading insurance company and held senior positions in banking and retirement servicing businesses in Hong Kong with solid experience in managing sales teams and implementing service improvement initiatives.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Business Computing from the University of Sunderland, UK. He is also an MPF Intermediary registered with the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority in Hong Kong.

Samuel Cheung

Chief Technology and Operations Officer

Samuel Cheung is responsible for steering and driving FWD’s digital transformation with a mission to achieve customer-centric and operational excellence. Samuel also oversees the company’s Information Technology, Operations, and Strategic Project Management Office.

Samuel has more than 25 years of experience working with prominent international and Chinese insurance groups in senior management positions. Throughout his extensive career, Samuel led many strategic initiatives to formulate and execute cost-effective and innovative solutions paving the way for business transformation, fostering large-scale growth, and addressing customers’ needs dynamically.

Jethro Goodchild

Chief Investment Officer

Jethro Goodchild is responsible for the investment activities and portfolio management of FWD Hong Kong’s assets in life insurance, general insurance, and employee benefits businesses. He also supervises the investment team to support the financial planning advisory business.

As senior management in multi-national assets management corporations, Jethro has over 20 years of experience as an actuarial and investment management expert across fixed income and multi-asset portfolios, and delivered optimised solutions to clients across industries in the Asia Pacific region.

Regina Chan

Chief Human Resources Officer

Regina oversees all aspects of human resources management and is responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic growth of the business. As a key leader in the management team, she develops and leads the human resources function across business units.

Regina has more than 25 years of human resources experience in international financial institutions.

Raymond Lo

Chief Financial Officer

Raymond leads the company’s financial and actuarial management with his over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry and from CPA firms. He has been instrumental in managing credit rating and bond issuance projects for Hong Kong.

Raymond is an Associate member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and Fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Questor Ng

Chief Risk Officer

Questor is responsible for financial risk and non-financial risk management, as well as supervising the company’s compliance and corporate security & investigations. As a second line of defense, Questor provides an independent appraisal on strategic risk, capital risk, investment risk, insurance risk and operational risk of the company.

Questor has 22 years of experience in life insurance. He is mainly based in Hong Kong and Singapore, primarily focusing on the markets of Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

Shelyne Shum

Chief Partnership Distribution Officer

Shelyne oversees all the business operations of independent distribution channels including banks, brokers, independent financial advisors (IFA) and other channels. She has more than 17 years of experience in the financial services industry. Shelyne is also a Certified Financial Planner in Hong Kong and China.

Paul Tse

Chief Marketing Officer

Paul is responsible for driving FWD’s life insurance products, marketing and communications, pricing and customer analytics. He is also at the helm of Hong Kong’s strategic intent in products and services, technology and customer experience enhancements.

Paul has over 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and business strategy across various industries and multinational companies such as airline, financial, retail and luxury brands. He has a wealth of experience in integrated and multichannel marketing programmes, including branding, customer relations management, loyalty programmes, digital marketing and e-commerce.

Pierre-Paul Saulou

General Counsel

Pierre-Paul is responsible for overseeing the company’s corporate governance, legal affairs and regulatory matters in Hong Kong and Macau. He also serves as the legal advisor to the Board of Directors and senior management. Pierre-Paul is an English and French qualified lawyer with over 13 years of experience in insurance related legal matters both in-house and in private practice. Prior to the current role, Pierre-Paul was the Head of Legal and Member of the Executive Committee of FWD Singapore.

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